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2023 Wisconsin Hereford Association Spring Sale

Saturday, March 4, 2023 • Fennimore Livestock Exchange, Fennimore, WI

Huth Ms Foremost C065 J063

This heifer should never leave our herd. This is a goggle eyed, powerful granddaughter of the Genoa Foremost 12180 bull—one of the top marbling bulls in the breed. J063 ranks in the upper 2% of the breed for YW, Marbling and CHB$ index. She ranks in the top 10% for CEM, CWT, REA, and the BMI$ index. To further enhance her value, J063 is bred to H B Distinct and the vet said the calf is a heifer due May 4! Her service sire, Distinct, already has over 200 offspring in the AHA database and is being used by some of the most influential herds in the Hereford breed. Polled and bangs vaccinated.


Huth Ms C028 Broker J055

From the heart of our program comes this pigmented Power Broker daughter. Power Broker’s progeny are definitely getting noticed at AHA Young Sire Test at Olsen Ranch. J055 sports an amazing EPD profile being in the top 5% of the breed for CED. Scrotal, M&G, Mature Weight, Marbling and CHB $ index; and in the top 10% for BW, WW, YW, Milk, and CWT. J055 is bred to H B Distinct and the vet called her carrying a heifer calf due May 6. Polled and bangs vaccinated. This heifer and her resulting calf could definitely be foundation females for your herd!


Selling Private Treaty at the Farm

Bred Cows

We have too many cows for our pastures! We need to move about 20 cows. If I could find some more pasture, these cows would not be selling. A good group of sound cows that have been ultrasound pregnancy checked, we know the sex of most of the calves, and they are due to calve from April-June. These cows are ready to go any time. Give me a call if you need some cows. We will split the group up if you don’t need the whole bunch—these girls will be money makers.

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Yearling Bulls coming off test May 1!

What a group of yearling bulls we will be offering this year! Most are sired by our dynamite young sire, H B Distinct. These calves have the muscle, the structure, the pigment and the exceptional EPD profile that you demand on you next herd bull. These bulls are DNA tested and we will have complete growth data, carcass data and the bulls will have a BSE (breeding soundness exam). They will be ready to go to work for you.

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Raise Your Own Bulls??

We have been supplying male sorted embryos to some of our commercial customers in the past years.

We work with the Vytelle organization to collect oocytes from some of our select cows in September or October of each year. These oocytes are fertilized with reverse sort male sexed semen. The customers then take these embryos and implant them in recipient females from their own herd. The resulting bull calves are then developed in the environment that they will be working in with the resulting cost being less than purchasing live bulls from outside breeders.

If you are interested in developing your own bulls, contact us to get the Huth genetic advantage instilled into your own program.

Minimum order is 10 embryos. Contact us for the details and pricing.


Huth Bulls = More Profit$

Huth Polled Herefords bulls are bred and developed to give you more profits. By using a Huth bull compared to an average Hereford bull, you should get:

  • More Calves: Huth Bulls are breed leaders for calving ease and low birth weights. Thus, the calves have more vigor at birth and there will be less assisted calvings. You get more calves at the end of the year!
  • More Pounds: Huth Bulls EPD’s rank them in the upper end of the Hereford breed for both weaning weight and yearling weight. More pay weight for you! This is the curve bending growth that you need to survive in the beef business.
  • More Premiums: If you sell your cattle on the grid, a Huth bull is what you need. The 2022 sale bulls rank in the upper 5% of the breed for marbling while maintaining breed average for rib eye area (REA). You will get the premiums that will give you more profits!
  • Less Problems: Huth Bulls are bred for less problems at calving, they are backed by cows with excellent udders, they are breed leaders for scrotal size, and they have that great Hereford disposition! All bulls are DNA tested and have GE-EPD’s to give you more accuracy in your selection. All these factors add up to less problems for you!