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Performance Unlimited Bull Sale

Wednesday, March 27, 2019 • Creston Livestock, Creston, IA

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We at Huth Polled Herefords are again joining forces with the Schumann family from Schu-Lar Herefords and the Trowbridge and England family from Beef Resources Partnership in presenting 40 breed leading bull candidates.

Huth Polled Herefords Consigned Bulls

Huth Hometown 10Y E069 ET • Reg # 43887331

Here is an interesting breeding tool! E069 is a moderate framed son of the highly proven Hometown 10Y. He is a maternal brother to Genoa Bonanza (in stud at ABS) and Genoa Foremost (herd sire for Rausch Herefords) What an interesting EPD profile--CED and BW in upper 5%, YW upper 15%, Marbling upper 1%. Combine this with a pleasing phenotype marked by excellent leg/hip structure--he will be a herd bull! Selling 2/3 interest, full possession, Huth Polled Herefords retains 1/3 semen interest. 


Huth B037 Torque E068 • Reg # 43849205

Here is a chip off the ol' block! Looks like his sire, Torque. Long as a freight train, deep ribbed, big testicles, short marked, pigmented. High growth EPD profile: upper 2% for WW, YW, upper 1% CW, SC, upper 5% CHB


Huth Y011 Torque E093 • Reg # 43849229

A homozygous polled son of Torque from a well respected cow line. Extreme length of body, excellent feet and legs. High growth and maternal EPD profile: upper 1% for WW, YW, CW, CHB and upper 1% for teat and udder. 


Huth Z079 Sensation 2504 E051 • Reg # 43849188

A homozygous polled, moderate son of Select Sires/Accelerated Sensation 2504. Here is a sleep easy, calving ease bull--E051 ranks in the upper 1% the breed for CED and BW. He should leave an outstanding group of replacement females. 


Huth T013 Summit E040 • Reg # 43849177

Here is a homozygous polled, top performing son of KCF Bennett Summit B261, in stud at Accelerated Genetics/Select Sires. His dam, T013 is the mainstay of the Huth Polled Herefords program. A 12-year old Dam of Distinction and dam of a top seller in the Performance Unlimited bull sale in 2014 going to Amana Farms. From a long line of productive females that last a long time Super spread from BW to YW with a breed leading REA and Marbling E040 should leave you a herd of great cows. 


Yearling Bulls coming off test May 1!

We our really excited by this group of bulls—calves by Torque, Leader 6964, Excede and Summit B261. Our yearling bulls are on test at Matt Brennemann farm by Rio, WI. They will be coming off test and for sale starting May 1. Watch for details!

Huth Bulls = More Profit$

Huth Polled Herefords bulls are bred and developed to give you more profits. By using a Huth bull compared to an average Hereford bull, you should get:

  • More Calves: Huth Bulls are breed leaders for calving ease and low birth weights. Thus, the calves have more vigor at birth and there will be less assisted calvings. You get more calves at the end of the year!
  • More Pounds: Huth Bulls EPD’s rank them in the upper end of the Hereford breed for both weaning weight and yearling weight. More pay weight for you! This is the curve bending growth that you need to survive in the beef business.
  • More Premiums: If you sell your cattle on the grid, a Huth bull is what you need. The 2015 sale bulls rank in the upper 5% of the breed for marbling while maintaining breed average for rib eye area (REA). You will get the premiums that will give you more profits!
  • Less Problems: Huth Bulls are bred for less problems at calving, they are backed by cows with excellent udders, they are breed leaders for scrotal size, and they have that great Hereford disposition! All bulls are DNA tested and have GE-EPD’s to give you more accuracy in your selection. All these factors add up to less problems for you!

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