Freezer Beef

Huth Polled Herefords is now offering direct sales of freezer beef!

Contact Jerry Huth at or 920-583-3223

Huth Polled Herefords will now be selling quarters, halves and whole freezer beef. Here are the advantages of our great Hereford beef:

  • Over 50 years of selecting cattle that provides you a tender, juicy, healthy product.
  • The cattle that you will be getting have been born and raised on our farm in Oakfield, Wisconsin.
  • Our cattle are developed on grass and finished with ad libitum grass hay and a portion of grain. This gives a lean product that has great flavor!
  • We have a number of award winning, state inspected processors in the area that will age the beef from 10-21 days.

How do you order your beef?

  • Contact us at least 3 months in advance for your preference in what you want to order (quarter, half, or whole)
  • We will lock in a processing date for you along with locking in the final price/pound based on live weight.
  • A down payment of $100/quarter is required at the time of order.
  • When the processing date arrives, you will get billed for the balance of the beef. You pay the processor directly for the processing of your beef.
  • Payment is to be made before the processed beef is released to you.
  • Then enjoy some of the best beef you have ever eaten!

What can I expect to take to my freezer from the beef?