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Herd Bulls

The obvious job of any bull that we use is to leave daughters who can fulfill our cattle philosophies. We select bulls that excel in the EPD "spread" --- bulls that have exceptional combination of EPD's with birthweight below the breed average, yearling weight in the upper end of the breed, and milk that will be significantly higher than breed average. And one more thing --- they have to have big testicles --- so many good things are tied to large scrotal circumference bulls.

Current Herd Sires

H B Distinct

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Loewen Mendel Frostie B716 3F


PB Huth Verified ET

Huth Z016 Whitey H014

Huth C049 Advance F083 J006


Foundation Bulls

Huth FTF Torque C002 KT Built Tuff 1010 Huth R007 Thor Z021
KCF Bennett 759 H142 RRH MR Felt 3008 Huth Enhancer 2D
Huth Prospector K085 Huth Stacked Deck M020 Huth Oak P017

Huth Polled Herefords Sires influence the International Market

Huth Polled Herefords herd bulls have influenced the Hereford genetics around the world. Huth Prospector K085 and Huth 813 Revolution 4R Y001 are owned with Accelerated Genetics. Both bulls qualified to ship semen to the European community. The above picture was forwarded to me from Don Trimmer, Accelerated Genetics Director of Beef Programs. K085 semen has been marketed in Turkey by an affiliate of Accelerated Genetics and he has had a large influence on the Hereford breed in this country. Y001 is following his lead with semen being distributed throughout Europe. We had a nice note this spring from a breeder in Sweden saying how he liked his Y001 calves out of K085 daughters!

Huth Enhancer 2D and Huth Homerun were owned with ABS Global and marketed heavily in the South American market. It is truly humbling, and appreciative that these bulls have had international success!